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Support Response Times

When logging your support request, please consider our classifications and target response times below for a guide on expectations.

Priority Ticket Description Target Response Time Target Resolution Time
1 Major issues, system down / locked out of software etc 2 hours 8 hours
2 Minor issues, logins & on-boarding issues, issues with practical workarounds available 4 hours 2 days
3 No business impact, feature requests, informational or educational (esp. where user documentation exists) 8 hours 5 days

Please note:
Response Time is the target time for a support technician to receive your support request and to respond with a fix or workaround, or to acknowledge that further investigation is required and that it is being worked on as a priority.
Resolution Time Is the target time the satisfactory resolution of the ticket. This may involve a workaround, a back-end fix, a software patch or the logging of a change request with the development team. Please note, if a ticket requires a software change, then the issue will be raised, attached to the ticket and the ticket closed as complete. However this does not imply that the feature or bug fix has been completed or released.


Why is eShowers better than the competition?

eShowers has reinvented the entire experience of shower design to give you an easy-to-use, accurate and affordable product bursting with features that you simply won't find in competitor's products. eShowers builds upon an existing foundation of market-leading shower design software to give you the world's most powerful tool in the industry.

Is the eShowers Cloud secure?

The eShowers Cloud Service stores your data on secure servers. We only allow access using a secure encrypted connection, the same type of connection that banks and services, like PayPal, use. In addition, we've created our own internal security to safeguard your information on a data access level to further ensure security.

How do I get started? Does it take long to install the program?

Getting started is a breeze, all you need is an internet connection. Simply download and run the installer in a few simple steps, enter your account details and you will be ready to go.

What type of shower door hardware will eShowers support?

Our software is a 100% hardware independent, meaning that it works with any hardware products, including custom user components. Sign up for a free trial or contact a sales representative if you would like to find out more.

Will eShowers produce glass fabrication drawings?

Of course!  This is a fundamental part of the program. The glass fabrications can be emailed directly to your glass manufacturer or printed for in-house use. We also provide customer quotations, hardware orders and installation instructions as part of the software.

Does the software come with a range of shower door hardware options?

Yes, our standard software comes complete with KL-megla, CRL, Portals and US Horizons shower door hardware options.