eShowers Release Notes

All software updates below are available to all active subscriptions and trials.
Your software will be automatically updated for you, or you can download the latest version from the downloads page below.


Version 1.6.2 (Released 2021-11-08)


  • Fixed issue with Gap Transoms causing an AV error
  • Ignore Alert” option missing for Hinge Max Width has been fixed
  • Fixed issue with incorrect Quote total for some accounts

    Version 1.6.1  (Released 2021-11-04)


    • Add Rake Corner & Add Radius Corner menus have been restored in shower builder
    • Insert Panel Before/After menus have been restored in the shower builder
    • Fixed issue with transom panels on left walls causing an access violation
    • Fixed 3D display issue for transom panels on 90 & 135 enclosures
    • Fixed issue with adjacent holes/cutouts sometimes overlapping on glass order
    • Glass clamps are now available for selection for fixed transom panels
    • Added a warning message if a handle is too wide for a panel
    • Head support warning ignored if fixed/operable transom applied to shower
    • 3D camera center has been improved for certain enclosure situations

      Version 1.6.0  (Released 2021-11-02)


      • Addition of full range of Sliders in FHC Catalog.
      • Plan View for Sliders & Standard showers showing top-down view & centerline offsets
      • In the Shower Builder, allow towel bar / combo to be switched sides & orientations
      • Provide more flexibility for placement of certain hardware such as Transom clamps
      • Allow negative clearances to be entered for glass edges


      • Fixed issue in Builder when 2D panel not correctly resizing to window
      • Fixed issue with overlapping dimensions for double holes
      • Fixed alpha sorting of Customers in pricing grids
      • Inactive Users are now correctly filtered out of lists
      • Fixed Access Violation with Show Layers option in Shower Builder
      • Fixed issue when clearing Edge Outages & Elbows
      • “Forgot Password” has been changed to a button on the login screen
      • Adjusted smoothness of 3D animation
      • Alerts action button is only displayed when options available

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